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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, James Pellizzeri Sr who was born in New York on October 04, 1929 and passed away on August 25, 2008 at the age of 78. We will remember him forever.
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8 years ago   / Toni Pellizzeri (wife)
hi hon. miss you every day. i am feeling better for now. dr. hudson took me off chemo for 3 months. i wll be going to syr. with carol in sept give lou my love and hope are bowling together.send some healing prayersfor me love always
i love you   / Toni Pellizzeri (wife)
7 years agotoday[august 25th]you went to heaven. i miss you every day.send some healing for me
 hugs .
Hi honey, you will always be my love,  rest in peace  .
mjss tou   / Ralph Pellizzeri (brother)
hi brother just wanted to say hello and I miss you you know what we talked about last night about ma and pa say hello to them and i'll see you. love you all
year-2013  / Toni Pellizzeri (wife)
hi hon. another year is about to come to an end . here i am wishing you  can be with us. iknow you will always be with us in spirit.
many things have changed this year.we have more great grandkids and i great,great. how cool is this.i have ...  Continue >>
5 years  / Toni Pellizzeri (wife)    Read >>
family love is forever  / Toni Pellizzeri (wife)    Read >>
missing you  / Lee Prahl (sister)    Read >>
BE MY LOVE  / TONI (WIFE)    Read >>
CHRISTMAS 2010  / Toni Pellizzeri (wife)    Read >>
Happy Birthday  / Lee Prahl (sister)    Read >>
It took a while  / Karen Wolfe (Granddaughter)    Read >>
holidays / Lee Prahl (sister)    Read >>
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